TTA Hall of Fame

The TTA Hall of Fame was first launched in 1996. It was an initiative of the late Karol Javor, the legendary coach and avid records keeper, and backed by the TTA Board. Initially the Hall of Fame was solely for athletes in the open age group. Four men and four women were the original inductees into the TTA Hall of Fame and further inductions occurred in 1998 and 2008.

After a hiatus, in 2019 TTA CEO Scott Houston put forward a proposal to relaunch and expand the TTA Hall of Fame, which was unanimously supported by the TTA Board. The TTA Hall of Fame now consists of multiple categories, listed below. 






The purpose of the TTA Hall of Fame is to recognise outstanding contributions made by individuals in the fields of playing, coaching, officiating, and/or administering the sport. A person may only be inducted into the TTA Hall of Fame by:

  • Meeting either the Objective or Subjective criteria for induction; AND
  • Having appropriate conduct, characterised by demonstrating good sportsmanship, acting within the spirit of the game, attitude and behaviour, being a positive role model, etiquette and adherence to the laws of the game.

To view the TTA Hall of Fame Regulations, please click here. Note that the current Regulations came into effect in 2019. Different criteria was adhered to for inductions prior to 2019.