Officiating Courses & Accreditations

An Official has the authority to administer the rules of Table Tennis.

There are many levels at which an Official may have the opportunity to be involved in Table Tennis competitions. These can range from local club competitions, state tournaments, and championships to the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Officials in Table Tennis are divided into two categories Umpires and Referees. Umpires control a match, whilst Referees control a tournament.


  • An Umpire has the authority to apply the Rules and Regulations of table tennis.
  • An Umpire controls the match and everything and everyone inside the court.
  • Umpire's answer to the Referee.
  • Players may ask for a decision from the Referee if they disagree with an Umpire’s decision.
  • A Referee cannot overrule an Umpire’s decision if it is based on a point of fact.  


The Referee is responsible for:

  • The technical management of the tournament
  • Doing the draw
  • Interpreting the Rules and Regulations
  • Deciding on the eligibility of players to enter events
  • Deciding on the acceptability of clothing
  • Supervising umpires
  • Taking any necessary disciplinary action
  • A Referee is the responsible authority for a tournament. Along with the Tournament Director or Committee and/or Competition Manager, together, they run the tournament and ensure that all the different factions within the tournament fulfill their obligations. In general terms, the referee is responsible for all technical aspects, and the Tournament Director or Committee and/or Competition Manager for matters of presentation, housekeeping, etc.

Players are under the authority of the referee from the time they arrive at the playing venue until they leave it. “Playing venue” means that part of the building is used for table tennis and its related activities, facilities, and public area.

To be recognised by ITTF, TTA, and your State / Territory or Club; all Officials must complete the appropriate accreditation course.



TTA seeks to continue to build the quality and quantity of Referees and Umpires throughout Australia, which is demonstrated in the TTA Strategic Plan.

To assist with this, TTA has implemented an Officials Development Fund. Full details about the Officials Development Fund