TTA Para and TTA Participation & Development teams proudly presented the  TTA Webinar Series in 2023 to all Affiliated Clubs/Associations and States/Territories, a special series of interactive presentations targeting specific topics relevant to our sport. You can find the slides and related videos on this page to catch up.

Each online session covered a different topic with a special presenter and dedicated time to discuss and ask questions.

*Disclaimer: Information may change since the time of recording, but all information was accurate at the time of recording*







15 February 2023


We will cover how NDIS funding can be used to participate in para-sports, including information specific to members & their families/carers.    

Buckets Flyer
Zoo Flyer
Supporting Evidence
Using Your NDIS Booklet
R and N NDSP   

30 March 2023

Marketing & Promotion

Basics on how to get started Marketing your Club/Association easily online. Presentation Slides
27 April 2023 Para - Classification What is classification? Why do we have classification in Para Sport? How to get classified? Presentation Slides
25 May 2023 Revolutionise Sport How the National Website Platform can help your Club/Association make life easier for your Volunteers.  
29 June 2023 Spinneroos How Spinneroos can benefit your Club/Association and how to get one started. Presentation Slides
27 July 2023 Para - Programs How to set up Para Programs within your Club/Association and how TTA can support your Para Program. Presentation Slides
31 August 2023 Officiating How you can become an Official and the pathway to the 2032 Olympics! Presentation Slides
28 September 2023 Sporting Schools How to build relationships with schools within your local area and get more students playing Table Tennis.  Presentation Slides
26 October 2023 Women and Girls in Table Tennis How to improve the gender balance at your local club and encourage more women and girls to participate. Presentation Slides
30 November 2023 Coaching / Pathway How to start up different coaching groups within your Club/Association and how they could fit into the whole National Pathway.   Presentation Slides


If you feel that you have an excellent idea for another topic for TTA to cover, please email your suggestion to