RevSport Member User Guide (Club Pages - Membership)

Welcome to the RevolutionisSport system support page that has been designed to cover how members can use the websites

From 2020, Table Tennis Australia, all Member States, and TTV Affiliates will be using Revolutionise Sport (RevSport) to manage member registrations and process entries for Tournaments.  RevSport allows individuals and affiliates to manage their own registration details through the online system.  It also allows members to manage their own personal details, register their membership, and for Tournaments & Pennants/Fixtures (Events in RevSport lingo) online.

Step 1

Go to the appropriate RevSport table tennis page (i.e. TTQ, TTNSW, Croydon etc)

Step 2

Click on Membership (Or Registration, or Join Now)

Step 3

You will then have 2 options: RETURNING MEMBER or NEW MEMBER

If you have ever been a member of Table Tennis: - click RETURNING MEMBER

Note: If you have been a member before but have forgotten your details, still click RETURNING MEMBER as the system will help you find your membership record with only your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Gender.

If you are completely new to Table Tennis: - click NEW MEMBER

Note: If you have ever been a member in the past, DO NOT click NEW MEMBER - all that will do will create a duplicate record that will have to be found and merged back with the original.


Step 4


The system will send you an email with a special link.

Go to your email inbox and click the link and it will take you back to the website where you then select your membership type


On the next page, select the membership type and then click Next Step


Step 5

Once on the next page, fill out your details. Once that is done - click Next Step.

Step 6

Payment - some clubs will take payment at the point of registration whereas other clubs might not - follow the payment instructions on the next page to pay for your membership.

Step 7

Tick the boxes confirming you have read the terms of registration, that you are over 18 and not a robot, and click Next Step.

Last Step

CONGRATULATIONS - You are now a member!