Australian Qualification Tournament for the 2024 Olympic Games

17-19 May 2024
Ballarat Table Tennis Association


The Draw is now available to download:

2024 Australian Olympic Qualifiers Draw Stage 1 (Saturday)

2024 Australian Olympic Qualifiers Draw Stage 2 (Sunday)

(Updated 18/05/2024 7:15 pm)

Friday 17 May 2024

Pre-Qualification Round

  • Men's: 2 groups of 4 players (National Junior Squad)
  • The top 2 in each group qualify for Stage 1.
  • 3rd placed in each group play-off for remaining place in Stage 1.

4:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Saturday 18 May 2024

Stage 1

  • Official Welcome
  • Men's: 2 groups of 6,
  • Women's: 2 groups of 5,
  • The top 3 in each group qualify for Stage 2.

10:00 am - 6:30 pm

Sunday 19 May 2024

Stage 2

  • Men's 1 group of 6
  • Women's: 1 group of 6
  • Results from Stage 1 carry through to Stage 2
  • Official presentations/closing ceremony

10:30 am - 5:45 pm



Women's *


Men's *

Stage 1
Pre Qual
Direct to Stage 1
Lay, Jian Fang Bae, Hwan Sareen, Aditya
Tapper, Melissa Cheng, Clarence Luu, Finn
Psihogios, Connie Nie, Chulong Lin, Xuqi
Bromley, Michelle Vardinejad, Rayan Townsend, Kane
Feng, Chunyi Tracy Lum, Lucas Dixon, Xavier
Buddhadasa, Sanaya Guo, Jeffrey Chambers, Dillon
Cheng, Chloe Bae, Won Yan, Xin Chris
Hsu, Yi-Jen Liu, Stephen  
Zhang, Victoria    
Gaeta, Taleisha    


* Please note that Nicholas Lum (Men's) and Min Hyung Jee (Women's) have pre-qualified and do not need to attend this event.

17-19 May 2024

Ballarat Table Tennis Association


Table Tennis Australia Ltd. (TTA) are the sole commercial rights holder of the Australian Qualification Tournament for the 2024 Olympic Games (The Event).

Friday 19 April 2024: Deadline for Entry Forms to be submitted online: Online Entry Form >

Friday 3 May 2024: Last day to pay entry fees. Note: no athlete may participate if entry fees are not paid. TTA will enforce a ‘no pay, no play’ policy.

Friday 10 May 2024: Last day for the draw to be released on the TTA website and TTA Facebook page. 

Any cancellations on 19 April 2024 or earlier will be entitled to a full refund for entry fees. Any cancellations on 20 April or later will not be entitled to a refund for entry fees.

Referee Graeme Ireland (VIC) 
Deputy Referee Gary Warnest (VIC)
Umpires Shahram Aminzadeh (VIC)
  Jeff Canning (NSW)
  Kameron Chan (VIC)
  James Hung (QLD)
  Sam Miller (NSW)
  Adam Pegg (VIC)
  Marie Pinkewich (NSW)


Tables: TBC
Table colour: Blue
Balls: HS DJ40+ 3-Star
Floor: Red Taraflex

Men’s Singles
Women’s Singles

The cost to enter the event is a flat fee of $250. 

Transportation and accommodation is the responsibility of the individual competitor.

The Event will be conducted in accordance with the current Laws of Table Tennis, ITTF Rules and Regulations and the Regulations for the Australian Qualification Tournament for the 2024 Olympic Games.Regulations for Pre-Qualification Rounds

Athletes must wear clothing that complies with ITTF Regulations.

NOTE: No TTA National Team uniform items are to be worn during the event

All rackets need to be compliant with the latest ITTF regulations. Racket control testing may be conducted.

Participants release all rights, or rights held by their agents or sponsors, in all matters relating to television and web casting coverage, video and motion picture coverage, and photographic coverage of any kind to TTA.

In the context of betting, participants shall not, by any manner whatsoever infringe the principle of fair play, show unsporting conduct or attempt to influence the course or result of a competition or any part thereof in a manner contrary to sporting ethics. Any violation of this principle shall be disciplined according to provisions of ITTF Regulations 3.5.3.

All members, participants and non-participants are required to read and understand and agree to abide by the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from 1 January 2021, and found on the Sport Integrity Australia website (, being the anti-doping policy adopted by TTA and applicable to all members, participants and non-participants.