TTA COVID-19 Update - Play to Resume in Some States/Territories

Published Tue 12 May 2020

For the first time since COVID-19 related restrictions were invoked, play can resume in a limited capacity in Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia. 

Moreover, Queensland and South Australia are on track to enable play to resume in a limited capacity in early June.

ACT, New South Wales and Victoria are yet to set definitive timeframes for when play can resume and in what capacity. 

TTA is pleased to provide the next COVID-19 Update. This update provides specific information about the current state of play in all States/Territories and also offers mandatory and recommended requirements. To view the update, please click here or download from the attachment below. 

TTA will continue to provide further updates in the coming weeks and months as we look to restore normality across the country. 


Files for download
12 May - TTA COVID-19 Update